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The Sippa company has been on the construction services market since 2010. During this time, we have successfully helped dozens of our clients to build the house they so dreamed of. We are building modern, warm and reliable houses using the Canadian technology of SIP-panel construction. This technology has proven itself worldwide as one of the most reliable and in demand. Also, by ordering the construction of a house from SIP panels, you get significant savings, because the cost of construction is an order of magnitude less than the construction of houses from other materials, the installation time of finished panels is significantly reduced, these houses are considered the warmest among houses built from other houses without additional utilization. In addition to the construction of houses, we are a reliable partner in the sale of building materials, both for individuals and for legal entities. You can find the full range of materials in our materials store.

Linear article is the name of products having a relatively long length with a relatively small cross—section. An example of mouldings can be products such as pipes, fabrics, tapes, chains, cables, extruded profiles made of polymer materials, profiled (planed, milled) wood products, cable duct.

Linear articles catalog

Eaves boards are made of wood of different breeds. The main difference of the eaves board is the presence of an overview, no more permissible according to the relevant regulatory and technical documentation.

Eaves boards catalog

Euro windows are high—quality windows with wooden frames that have high noise and thermal insulation.

Designer doors are a special type of products made individually for the customer, which gives a unique style to each room.

Windown catalog Doors catalog

Open sheds: polycarbonate, for cars, wooden for cottage
Verandas: open, closed, summer, for cottages, wooden
Terraces: open, covered, countryside, fenced, bbq
Winter gardens: at house, on roof, on loggia
Garages: sandwich panels, timber, profiled sheeting

Bandstands Saunas Open Sheds Verandas Summer cafes

Wooden furniture is not only an item for functional use, but also an important element of the overall interior. For lovers of the beautiful, refined, natural and exclusive, wooden furniture is the best fit in the setting.

Wooden furniture

Wood products are household items that organically combine beauty and benefits. These include decorations of wooden houses — carved platbands, valances, skates on roofs; decorative elements in the interior — mosaic parquet floors, carved decorations of doors, ceilings, wall panels, etc.; furniture and lamps; household utensils — dishes, cutting boards; wooden toys and souvenirs (chiseled, carved, painted); clothing decorations, etc.

Wood products

Wooden half-beam is a wood board with one of the sides convex. It is formed when pruning a tree. This is a useful thing in the household, which can be used in various fields. A good owner will definitely find where to apply such good.

Wooden stairs are the top of sophistication, beauty and quality. There are various types of such stairs. The type is chosen based on the premises, goals and objectives, as well as the wishes of the owner, recommendations of the designer.

Wooden stairs

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